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Museum Exhibits



There are many museum exhibits throughout the Rawlinson/ Terwilliger Home. We present a few of them for you to preview, but you need to come in person to adequately enjoy the experience to be had in this spectacular home.



indian pictograph

It is worth your trip to see this one-of-a-kind Kanza/Osage pictograph located on the back door casing of the original portion of the Rawlinson/Terwilliger Home. It is believed to be a warrior's memorial, most likely in memory of George Alexander, a resident of the home, who died Nov. 4, 1862, while serving in the Civil war. It depicts Pleiades and the Milky Way as they exist in the November-December sky--the time of his death. Seven points on the left side of a thunderbolt depict the seven bends of the river of life. The thunderbolt took a warrior's spirit to the upper world. A diamond (the upper world) contains a stick figure (the soul) and a symbol depicting the breath of life, the 4 winds, and the snare. (The spirit was snared in the body until death, when it returned to the upper world, along the Milky Way.) The Kanza Indians were "earth people", who placed their symbols on the right side as one exits a doorway. This image is on the right side.


Stone masonry

See and touch for yourself a rare 1860-61 outside stone wall that is perfectly preserved.



You will find this bedroom full of museum exhibits.East_Wall_exhibits.jpg


 This was the youngest soldier in the Civil 
War. You will have to come and read the rest of the story for yourself.